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Revitalizing Travel Packages


Vacation and Relaxation

Relax your body and mind through a unique wellness experience. Free your mind and calm yourself reaching tranquility under the guidance of our experts. We offer an exclusive escape if you want to rejuvenate your senses and rediscover your inner self. Enjoy the majestic sea view that soothes the whole being.

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Stress Relief Therapy

Everyday life can be extremely stressful and cause a number of rather serious issues to our physical and mental health. Stress management is a wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aiming at controlling a person’s level of stress for the purpose of improving everyday functioning. Our Holistic Clinical Dietitian will help you manage any anxiety issues, chronic and adrenal fatigue.

Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Travel Packages

Combine your vacation with a revitalization of your whole body. Our travel packages offer a unique experience with therapies based on the Holistic Approach.

Holistic’ comes from the Greek word holos, meaning ‘whole’.

The Holistic Approach Therapy consists of a great range of different treatments and therapies with an overall goal to guide you to manage stress and chronic fatigue while forming a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of the Holistic Therapy effect the functioning of all body systems and organs including Physical, Psychological & Emotional level.

Our goal is to offer you an exclusive and memorable lifetime travel experience which above all represents a journey to rediscovery and connection to the ‘self’; a unique opportunity to relax by the sea at the soars of beautiful Aegina. The majestic sea view calms down both mind and body, while you are being guided to deal with everyday stress or chronic fatigue. Increase your mental clarity under the instructions of our expert team through a wide range of therapies from Therapeutic Massages and Moxibustion Thermotherapy to Emotional Freedom Techniques and Psychotherapeutic Scuba Diving.

Your trip to the Greek Island of Aegina will be transformed into a superb experience, a chance to connect with the place, wind down, and absorb positive energy.

3 Vacation Options to Choose From

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Our packages offer an exclusive escape for body and mind to anyone who wants to rejuvenate their senses and rediscover their inner self. The holistic therapies restore balance and improve longevity, the natural treatments help the body to self-heal. It’s the perfect choice for stress relief, chronic stress management, and management of other anxiety issues.

Our therapies are addressing to people experiencing physical and psychological tensions, from muscular aches and pains to hormonal imbalances and insomnia. We aim to help you improve your sleep and mental clarity, ease your anxiety and stress, balance your emotions and improve your concentration. Psychologically, holistic therapies preserve higher feelings of well-being and boost energy levels.

The Experience

★ Accommodation in a high-class hotel by the sea in Aegina Island

★ Private sessions with our experienced Holistic Dietitian

★ Group Psycho-therapeutic Scuba Diving sessions

★ Private & Group Pilates and Yoga classes

★ A wide range of Therapies (Therapeutic Massages, Thermotherapy, etc.)

★ Reflexology – Kinesio taping therapy, Hot stone massage,  Tibetan massage

★ Personal Training

★ Hiking Activities

★ Historical and Cultural Tours


Learn how to gain full control and confidence over your body. Improve your awareness, strength and overall health. Fitness, training, and regulation of your metabolism.


To enjoy good health, to feel true happiness, you must control your mind and thoughts. Mind and body are connected; learn how to escape from stressful situations.


Our Holistic approach considers and focuses on the person as a whole and the connection of mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Live in the now, enjoy your life, feel reconnected with yourself.

Our Holistic Approach

Engaging and developing the whole being. Discover and improve all the of your being different levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As multi-dimensional human beings, we have conscious and unconscious aspects, rational and irrational aspects. Benefit from our full inclusive health and wellness packages.

Body, Mind, and Spirit

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