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Diet Praxis is based on the Pythagorean philosophy and Hippocrates medicine.

Our philosophy

Hippocrates Four Humors Theory

The Four Humors are the metabolic agents of the Four Elements in the human body. The right balance and purity of them are essential to maintain health. The Four Humors and the elements they serve are as follows:


All four of these humors, or vital fluids, are present in the bloodstream in varying quantities.

Health is a harmonious balance and interworking of the humors.

In Hippocrates Humor Theory the mix of the Humors make the Four Temperaments, which are the basic constitutional body – mind types in Hippocrates medicine. Each one is named after certain humor and is characterized by the predominance of that humor and its associated basic qualities.

The Four Temperaments are the basis of all constitutional notions of diagnosis and treatment in Hippocrates Medicine. Each individual has an innate, natural balance or makeup of humors and qualities that are unique and personal to him or her. This is called an individual’s temperament.

Knowing your temperament, you know how to eat, live and medicate yourself properly for optimum health maintenance and disease prevention.

Each of the Four Temperaments can be recognized by certain basic traits of physique, physiology, digestion and metabolism, personality and character.

When the humors are harmonious, balanced and working well together, that is a condition called eucrasia, or “good mixture”. When the humors are unbalanced, aggravated, or out of sorts, that is a condition called dyscrasia, or “bad mixture”.

If you feel


anxiety, hair loss, palpitation, depression, forgetfulness, digestive problems, reduced sexual drive, pain in the upper back or neck, allergies and continuous infections



are reliant on alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, sugar and starchy carbs, drag through the day especially between 3 pm and 5 pm, experience a stressful daily life, gain weight around the waist, face sleeping disorders, wake up tired


Diet Praxis has the solutions!



Learn how to gain full control and confidence over your body. Improve your awareness, strength and overall health. Through fitness and training, you will regulate your metabolism.



To be healthy and happy, you must control your mind and thoughts. Mind and body are connected; learn how to escape from stressful situations.



Our Holistic approach considers and focuses on the person as a whole and the connection of mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Live the present, enjoy your life, feel reconnected with yourself.

The Experience

★ Accommodation in high-class hotels

Private sessions with our experienced Holistic Dietitian*

     *personal DNA metabolomic analysis test “NUTRIFIT”

★ Group Psycho-therapeutic Scuba Diving sessions

★ Corrective exercise: includes Aerobic, Unaerobic, private & group Pilates and Yoga classes

Quantum therapy

Pythagorean tuning therapy

Afrofusion dance therapy

★ A wide range of Therapies (Therapeutic Massages, Thermotherapy, etc.)

Reflexology – Kinesio taping therapy, Hot stone massage,  Tibetan massage

Bio resonance, acupuncture with the photo laser

★ Hiking Activities

★ Historical and Cultural Tours