About Us

Our Values – Our Goals – Our Passions

We love what we do, and we want to share this incredible experience with you! Our passion and life goal for a healthy living met the holistic approach and gave birth to DIETPRAXIS.

Our available travel packages offer an exclusive opportunity for relaxing and restoration of physical health and mental balance. Under our guidance, you will achieve a full relaxation of body and spirit through proper breathing and myofascial release, holistic therapies, and other treatments.

All the members of our team hold PhD, MSc and Diplomas with Excellency in their fields of expertise and continue το upgrade their professional skills by participating in various seminars and conventions.

Follow our journey; take full control of your body, your health, and well-being. Eliminate everyday stress and its crucial effects on your body, mind, and spirit.

Meet the Team

Ageliki Makri

Clinical Holistic Dietitian

Ageliki is a Holistic Clinical Dietitian (Msc, PhD). With specialization in Biochemistry, and Electro-acupuncture, she focuses on metabolism, chronic fatigue syndrome, and adrenal fatigue.

Maria Katsenou

Quantum Therapist

Maria is a professional counselor and holistic psychotherapist, with quantum therapy being one of her major interests.

Dimitris Kritsidimas

Mental Health Counselor

Dimitris is a Mental Health Counselor, Breathworker, EFR Instructor & PADI Divemaster. He specializes in interactive self-awareness activity programs focusing on self-awareness and rejuvenation of the soul and the body via safe Scuba Diving or Trekking.

Christos Niarchacos

Massage Therapist

Christos is an experienced Massage Therapist focused on nurturing and therapeutic massage techniques. He specializes in muscle pain, stress relief, and fatigue.

Evi Passia

Pilates Instructor – Personal Trainer

Evi is a Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor. With years of experience, she now focuses on Orthosomic gymnastics, and relaxation through proper breathing and myofascial release.

George Panagiotopoulos

Musician, pianist

George is a musician, licentiate pianist and he is specialized in classic music. Based on the theory of the Pythagorean music, he use sound as a therapeutic tool.

Sammy Gian

Afrofusion Therapist

Sammy Gian is a Kenyan dance instructor and choreographer with a strong background and experience in teaching and in facilitating performances.

Fani Sklavounou

Clinical Dietitian Assistant

Fani is a Holistic Clinical Dietitian Assistant with specialization in Naturopathy and nutritional supplements. She focuses on metabolismchronic fatigue syndrome, and adrenal fatigue.